South by Southwest!

March 15-17 was an incredible weekend for the Illumiloon crew as we took on Austin to display our design as part of FIT's Robotics Petting Zoo at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive. We had the incredible opportunity to present our design to hundreds of innovators, designers, and generally amazing individuals. We got to explore SXSW to discover other fantastic innovations as well as chat with their designers.

As part of our display, we had a DFA-inspired post-it board where individuals could let us know what they liked about our design as well as suggest any improvements. Additionally, we had the contents of the Illumiloon kit along with the accompanying instructions on display. We also made a mini-model of a neighborhood with the Illumiloon system deployed (see above photo).

It was exciting to catch the eye of a few different people, which led Illumiloon to be highlighted in various online publications from the Yahoo tech page to a Brazilian article. Check out the following links:,news-20656.html


Displaying at SXSW was an absolutely amazing and enriching experience. It was great to receive validation on the Illumiloon design as well as learn how we can improve it moving forward. We want to thank DFA for getting us to where we are and give a huge thank you to the FIT team for inviting us to display allowing us to become a part of this incredible experience. We hope to see you next year, SXSW!