In October, the Illumiloon team heard about the 'Design4Disasters' challenge hosted by the Field Innovation Team (FIT) and AIGA, an American professional organization for design.The challenge parameters, to create a design that dealt with community-centered communication after natural disasters, were well aligned with our idea.

We created a 60-second submission video and were selected as the winner!

AIGA published an article about what it means to design for disasters and the Design4Disasters challenge:

In addition the AIGA publication and a cash prize, we were invited to attend FIT Bootcamp in the mountains of Utah in November. The goal of this Bootcamp was to train FIT members to "rapidly asses disaster-related problems, identify the needs, and prototype solutions." 

Kamya Jagadish attended the three-day bootcamp, in which she learned about the details, nuances, and unpredictability of innovating in disasters. Bootcamp was composed of ideation workshops, team building, and design exercises. Following Bootcamp, Kamya and the Illumiloon team took what they learned from FIT Bootcamp and from its attendees and applied it to the Illumiloon design. Most importantly, the design was altered in terms of how it would be implemented within a disaster setting.